New J.Lindeberg and Serengeti Collections Available
Mai 03, 2016

New J.Lindeberg and Serengeti Collections Available

New Collections:

 At Swiss Sport Style we put so much importance to provide as much choice and quality in premium sport/lifestyle brands as possible. 

With this in mind we are delighted to announce the arrival of J Lindeberg Golf and Athleisure.  This Swedish brand has developed itself from fashion to sport and showcases elegant style, technical sportswear and a stunning collection for both men and women golfers.  

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Serengeti Eyewear: 

The pioneer of Photochromic technology, Serengeti® is the industry leader in creating lenses that adapt to an array of environments. Activated by UV light, Serengeti lenses react to UV light by gradually adjusting to the changing light so that your eyes stay relaxed. These photochromic lenses come polarised, darken in bright sunlight and lighten in overcast conditions meaning that you also see objects more clearly. 

Swiss Sport Style offer you the chance to borrow our take-out collection for a day and see for yourself the difference Serengeti’s will make to your eyes.

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